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Catering to a broad spectrum of printing and packaging solutions, Starlight Vinyl ensure top-quality results. Please feel free to contact us via email at . We’ll be delighted to provide you with the necessary templates and further assistance.


These are protective covers for vinyl records before they go in the jacket. You can pick plain, polyethylene-lined, or fully printed inner sleeves. The polyethylene-lined ones give added protection. You can upgrade from standard white paper to materials like black, poly-lined, anti-static, or clear plastic. And you can even add custom full-color artwork to the inner sleeves. 

White/Black Paper Inner Sleeves

Vinyl protection at its best: Our paper inner sleeves, designed to minimize static, are made from high-quality paper to protect against dust and scratches. Those with a polyethylene lining provide an extra layer of protection and are often the preferred choice for enhanced safeguarding.

Paper Inner Sleeves

Level up your vinyl game with our paper inner sleeves. Choose from 7" or 12" vinyl, Polylined or Unpolylined, and even rock your style with a range of cool colors. Protect your grooves in style!

Printed Inner Sleeves

Meet our printed inner sleeves – the fusion of protection and artistry for your vinyl. Stunning designs, high-quality materials, and a snug fit. Elevate your vinyl experience.


Because your vinyl deserves to stay in ‘mint’ condition! And they come with a built-in ‘encore’ for your customers.

Single Jackets

A ''single jacket'' consists of a glued cardboard pocket designed to snugly hold a vinyl record. We provide a range of customization options, encompassing wide spine jackets capable of accommodating 2-5 records, choices of matte or gloss coatings, uncoated stock, printing on reverse board stock, PMS spot colors, metallic spot colors, along with options for spot gloss, matte, or UV finishesWe use high-quality 350GSM eco-friendly cardstock  for printing, offering full CMYK color.

Gatefold – Single Pocket

It's like having a vinyl record dressed to impress, oozing style and substance! It's the slick, foldable jacket for a single vinyl record that includes a customized insert. Just like a book with a spine, it's a complete visual and auditory package. The record's music and the insert's additional content come together seamlessly, offering a holistic experience for vinyl enthusiasts.🎵🖼💿

Gatefold – Double Pocket

Think of it as cranking your vinyl experience up to 11! It's like having a double-decker sandwich, but with records. This design allows you to snugly fit two vinyl records, each with its own pocket, creating a musical duo. It's like two stories in one book, and with the added visual charm, it's a treat for collectors who want to immerse themselves in a complete audio-visual journey. 🎵📀

Outer Sleeves & Obi-Strips

"Outer sleeves" for vinyl records are transparent plastic covers made from polyethylene. They protect the record from dust and damage. These sleeves have a flap, similar to a book cover, making it easy to slide the record in and out. They're the first line of defense for your vinyl, ensuring it stays in top condition during storage and is a must-have for collectors. 🎵📦💿

The "obi-strip" on vinyl records is a slim paper strip that wraps around the album's sleeve, a bit like a belt. It's packed with essential details like the artist, album name, and tracklist. Think of it as the record's nametag – it's informative, and collectors consider it a cool addition to the package.


Booklets & Inserts

These vinyl 'extras,' like inserts and booklets, are like the secret files of your favorite spy, revealing lyrics, behind-the-scenes stories, and the best part? They won't break the bank.

Barcode & Download Cards

A vinyl record's "barcode" is a numeric and line pattern used for tracking information like production details, record type, label, and a unique identifier for the album. It's a key tool for record stores and online shopping, ensuring you find the right record with ease.

Download cards offer a smooth bridge between vinyl nostalgia and digital convenience. It's like having your cake and eating it too – the warmth of vinyl, plus the flexibility of digital tunes at your fingertips!

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